Long range shooting gear
Long Range Picatinny Scope Mouning Base

• Precision level mounted into a machined Picatinny base for perfect level to base alignment.
• Constant level verification when in head down shooting position.
• MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny cross slots.
• Billet machined 7075 T-6 aluminum.
• Mil Spec. Class III hardcoat anodize.


MSRP Price
$99.99 All centerfire rifle Tru Level Pic rails are now 7075T-6
We have also removed the recoil lug on the Savage base, as it would not work with side ejection port Savage actions causing confusion for everyone.
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Watch the Rokslide video, installing Tru Level Pic Rail and Force Recon Rings.
Thanks to the folks at Rokslide for this informative how to video.

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level built into picatinny mount

Advantages of the True Level Pic Rail System.

Long range shooting requires a level gun, as any tilt in the gun translates into a serious windage error at longer ranges. When using the Tru Level Scope Base, your level and scope eye piece are in the same sight picture. This allows you to check the level while aiming without having to raise your head from the shooting position. With the level housed in the machined picatinny base, it is protected from being bumped out of level as often happens with some scope level systems. If you are serious about long range shooting, you need a Tru Level Picatinny Mount.

picatinny mount real view with level

Above drawing illustrates the average pic rail height.

Tru Level Picatinny mount Specifications:
Gun Model
Action type
MOA spec
Recoil lug
Remington 700 Long action 0 MOA YES
  Short action 0 MOA YES
  Long action 20 MOA YES
  Short action 20 MOA YES
Winchester Model 70 (will not work with pre 64 actions, as the bolt holes are not the same)
Built with 3 screw holes in the rear to fit both Long and Magnum actions.
Savage Mod 110, 111, 112, 114, and 116
To allow our mounts to work on Savage rifles with top, or side ejection ports they are not built with recoil lugs.
(round top actions only)
Long action 0 MOA NO
  Long action 20 MOA NO
Savage Mod 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16
To allow our mounts to work on Savage rifles with top, or side ejection ports they are no longer built with recoil lugs.
(round top actions only)
Short action 0 MOA NO
  Short action 20 MOA NO