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New RX Series Chassis System

Remington 700 chasiss

The new XHCG Chassis is being introduced in the Remington configuration first, it uses Accuracy International style Magazines. The short action model (RX-S) will utilize the double stack short action (.308) magazines.
The forend of the chassis is designed to receive our Universal Bipod Adapter for Harris
style Bi-pods and Picatinny style bi-pods. This adapter will be released in the next few weeks. A sling swivel is installed for users who prefer a conventional bipod mount.

The new X Series Chassis is machined from solid aluminum billet and is bead blasted for a matte finish, then anodized in Dark Earth for superior wear resistance. We have also allowed a few thousandths clearance for actions that have been Cerakoted. This fit will not require bedding of the receiver, but a skim coat may be used if desired. Normal bedding of the recoil lug area will finish out the action to chassis fitting.

Magazine compatibility:

Accuracy International .308 double stack
Accurate Mag .308 double stack
Magpul P-Mag .308 double stack


RX-S (Remington 700 short action RH)
Introductory Map Price $349.99 with free shipping and handling

Order by phone 208-746-7065, or order below


chassis left side
The left side of the chassis has a recessed area in the forend for our Universal Bipod Adaptor low profile lock knob. This will allow the shooter to adjust the cant in the rifle and lock it into position with the adaptor supplied lock knob. When using this feature any bipod will swivel and quick detach by adjusting the lock knob. The Universal Bipod Adaptor has the ability to work with sling swivel mount style bipods, as well as picatinny rail bipods.
mag release detail 1
The photo above shows our 303 stainless steel mag release. This ergonomically inspired mag release is quick and positive with no sharp edges.
By placing your middle finger between the trigger guard and the release lever you can drop 5 & 10 round round mags in a flash.
The tang on the mag release is long enough to squeeze release and hold your 10 round magazines if you prefer.
Magazine feeding is smooth and flawless.
mag release

In this view, you can see the generous cutout for the trigger guard with plenty of space ahead of the trigger shoe to place a gloved trigger finger. The mag release lever extends far enough for easy access, but not so far as to be released accidentally.

mag well wire EDM
In this shot, looking down on the mag well you can see that we have relieved the mag well on both sides of the center section to reduce drag on magazine changes. The four corners of the mag well are wire EDM cut for perfectly smooth magazine contact.
recoil lig detail
The recoil lug pocket is machined long on the front side to allow for custom actions like the Defiance Rebel with an optional extended tenon. This area can be bedded to accommodate recoil lugs in standard Remington, after market recoil lugs, or extended actions.
Ar buttstock interface
We use a standard AR butt stock interface on the X Series Chassis. This allows you to pick from a vast selection of butt stocks for your favorite gun build. A set screw is provided to help in maintaining rotational orientation of the stock to chassis.